LEAH: Lowcountry Educators’ Association of Homeschools



After much consideration and prayer, we felt that it was time to head in a new direction. We anticipate closing our association after processing all End of Year Reports, and concluding transcript business by August 30, 2016.

We wish to encourage our current members to transfer their memberships to other associations for the 2016-2017 academic year. We feel honored to have served the Low-country homeschool community for the past 25 years, and running LEAH since 2008. Our members have been a blessing to us, and we appreciate all the confidence that was placed in us. Thank you!

Director contact: Grace Bolin
Email: grace@leahsc.com
Phone: 843-834-1907  — Fax: 866-929-9126
Website: http://www.leahsc.com/

Contact: The SC Homeschooling Connection for assistance with your homeschool records at homeschoolingsc@gmail.com


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