NCAA Tutorial Workshop

NCAA for SC Homeschoolers Workshop
Presented by: Pathway Educational Group

Do you have a high schooler considering College athletics? Then, they need to be academically eligible to play through the NCAA eligibility center–even if you’re not getting athletic scholarships.

This tutorial workshop is presented by Durema Berry at Pathway Educational Group. NCAA eligibility can be tricky to understand. Pathway Educational Group offers services in Academic Planning for Future College Athletes. Experienced educators will work with you to develop a customized plan tailored to your academic and athletic goals. Whether you’re a star on the field or court, we’ll assist you in meeting academic standards and fulfilling eligibility criteria.

This tutorial workshop is free to help get an overview of the NCAA requirements and procedures for homeschoolers in SC (and beyond).
Consulting services: Let Pathway help you get your paperwork in order for NCAA eligibility!
Contact: [email protected]

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As homeschool parents, we want to doors of opportunity to open for our students. If we want equal opportunities for our alternative education, then we need to demonstrate equivalent educational acheivements. A professional-quality transcript is the forever document your grad may need years from now.

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