Homeschool Conferences, Conventions and Expos

Homeschool Conferences, Conventions and Expos–Oh my! If you’re new to homeschooling or new to South Carolina, conventions are a great way to get started homeschooling. They’re also great for experienced homeschoolers to network and learn new opportunities too! (Updated April 2024)

If you're new to homeschool or an old-timer. Whether you're new to the area or lived here your whole life. There's something new to learn, new connections and new resources. I love homeschool conferences, conventions and expos!

Conferences, Conventions and Expos
in South Carolina

Maybe location is an important factor for you. We have something in each of the regions of South Carolina. You can stick close to home…or take the opportunity to go explore another region.

Maybe the timing of it is an important factor to consider. One that might work better in your schedule. And maybe you’d like to try them all! I hope you will. I’ve listed them here in chronologic order.

Great Homeschool Convention:
Greenville — March 14-16, 2024

The Great Homeschool Convention is a happens in 5 locations across the nation. The Southeast Location is Greenville, SC. Other stops include: Texas, Ohio, California and Missouri.

Nationally reknown speakers and workshop presenters will be there. Workshop tracks emphasize Homeschool 101, Parenting, Classical Education, Charlotte Mason, High School and Special Needs. Plus, there’s Kids’ and Teens’ tracks and events.

Vendor hall has lots of great resources, including The SC Homeschooling Connection. So come by to see me! Shopping only passes are available at the door (FREE admission on Thursday).
or Sign up to volunteer for a 4-hour shift and get free admission to the conference.

Cola City Homeschool Expo:
Columbia — June 29, 2024

This locally organized Homeschool Expo started as a one-day used booksale that’s been popular for more than 10 years. I confess this one is really close to my heart because I actually organize it.

Our one-day book sale event has expanded to include more local businesses with services and products, classes and discounts for homeschoolers. Plus, there’s hands on demonstrations and door prizes. Something for everyone!

Admission is FREE and open to the public. Register as a vendor to promote your business or sell your used books.

Homeschool Charleston
Blossoming Together
Charleston — May 11, 2024

It all begins with a seed. The convention will feature local vendors that could benefit homeschoolers. A wide range will be offered such as colleges, field trip opportunities, local groups with varied intentions, etc. There will be seminars taught by local homeschool parents, organization leaders, co-ops, experts, and more.


Upstate Homeschool Expo
Greenville — May 18, 2024

Co-ops, associations, sports, community groups, field trips, arts and more. All in one fun place for the whole family. Whether you’re new to homeschooling, new to the area or just looking for new ways to enrich your homeschool life, this event is for you.

Hosted at North Greenville University. Stop by to SC Connection’s vendor booth for a free gift.

More Homeschool Conferences Nearby

A few more Conferences, Conventions and Expos that might be closer to you. Depending on where you live in South Carolina, one might be just a hop and a skip over yonder. Or maybe it’s worth the drive to go check out. I have been keeping an eye on these too–hoping to get to go myself!

Thrive! NCHE Homeschool Conference:
Winston-Salem, NC — May 23-25, 2024

The North Carolinians for Home Education host this annual homeschool conference. “NCHE has a vision for flourishing families and thriving generations in which people remain passionate, curious and actively engaged in their faith and in their learning.”

Teach Them Diligently
Pigeon Forge, TN — May 2-4, 2024

Teach Them Diligently is a faith-filled family convention that happens in six locations across the nation. Atlanta is the nearest location for South Carolina homeschoolers. Other convention stops include: Tennesee, Texas, Ohio, Alabama and Colorado.

This convention is formatted to feel like a 3-day family camp with sessions for all ages. Though couples and individuals also go as a getaway retreat.  The Exhibit Hall is more like a shopping mall of opportunities with huge sections from companies like Abeka, Alpha Omega, Apologia, BJU Press, Master Books, and Rainbow Resources. Plus some local groups and resources too.

Admission tickets for Family, Individual or Day-Pass get you into the exhibit hall and workshops.

Homeschooling Unleashed
Raleigh-Durham, NC — June 14-16

Welcome to the unapologetically secular homeschooling convention. Tired of feeling like the black sheep at homeschooling events? This conference is for you!

We’re proud to serve a diverse population of secular homeschoolers. We’re purposefully seeking out speakers who are supportive of the LGBTQ community, people of color, and people with disabilities. This event isn’t what you might expect of Southern homeschoolers. We have an ex-priest turned LBGTQ and disability rights activist as a keynote speaker, a drag queen presenting a science demonstration, a comedy show, grown up arts and crafts, and we’re hosting a happy hour for the adults and a family friendly mixer.

Admission for vendor hall only, full access or VIP access.

Shape Secular Conference
Greensboro, NC — July 21, 2024

Dedicated to fostering an inclusive and supportive community for homeschoolers. Our mission is to bring together like-minded homeschooling families, providing a platform to share resources, experiences, and ideas. Through collaboration and mutual support, we strive to empower each other in creating a diverse and enriching educational environment where our children feel safe and encouraged to express themselves fully.


South East Expo
Atlanta — July 26-27, 2023

South East Expo offers a variety of vendors, workshops and fun zone activities. A scavenger hunt for adults to follow the exhibitor’s clues–complete the hunt for a chance to win a Laptop!

If you’re new to homeschool or an old-timer. Whether you’re new to the area or lived here your whole life. There’s something new to learn, new connections and new resources. I love homeschool conferences, conventions and expos!

Do you go to any homeschool conferences? 
Tell us in the comments.

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