SC Resource Centers and Co-op Classes

Local Resource Centers and Co-op classes offer classroom settings for a variety of subjects. What’s the difference between them?

  • Co-op Classes (Cooperatives) are usually fun, interactive group learning opportunities led by parent volunteers.
  • Resource Centers are often more academically challenging subjects led by a qualified instructor for a fee.

Here’s some programs and opportunities near you!

Local Resource Centers and Co-op Classes in South Carolina

Local Resource Centers
and Co-op Classes

3:17 Hybrid School of Blythewood, Columbia/Midlands
Offers one-day-a-week, drop-off program because we want to support parents by offering them a break. Teaches core, foundational subjects utilizing hands-on activities instead of worksheets.
Contact: Karen Hanley [email protected]

4H ,Various locations
4-H is a community of young people across America who are learning leadership, citizenship, and life skills. The South Carolina 4-H Youth Development Program uses a learn-by-doing approach, the involvement of caring adults, and the knowledge and resources of Clemson University and the land grant university system to empower youth to become healthy, productive, and contributing members of society.

Anchor Homeschool Coop, Loris, SC (Horry, Marion, Columbus, and Brunswick Counties)
Anchor Co-op is a group of Christian homeschoolers whose purpose is to offer a supportive environment to our area’s home education community.  Offers a variety of classes for all ages including academics, arts, and physical education.
Contact Form

Arrows Academy,  Columbia, Lexington, and Kennesaw, Georgia.
Arrows Academy Core program was developed to hold classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays that would cover a variety of subjects, freeing parents from having to “teach” these subjects at home. For these Core classes, the students would have assignments to complete at home the rest of the week under parental supervision.  Parents then instruct their students in the subjects of math, spelling, and grammar to complete a well-rounded curriculum.
Contact Form: Jessica Jones, director

Arrows Homeschool Alliance, Charlotte NC
Arrows Homeschool Alliance is a new support group for conservative Christian families who have chosen home education. Offers classes twice a week (with drop-off option) and social activities.
Contact: [email protected]

Artios Academy, Greenville, SC & Charlotte, NC
Artios Academy sees every historical milestone, personality, and ideology, as part of the greater story of God. Truth manifests itself throughout history in the form of art, events, people, leaders, and leading ideas. History, Literature/Grammar/Composition, Art, Music, and Theater are the five core classes of a complete Artios Academy of Arts and History program. All five of these classes are taught in an integrated and comprehensive format.
Greenville: Melody Yasi, Executive Director  864-420-5179
Charlotte, NC: No contact listed. See website for more details

Boiling Springs Homeschool Co-op, Boiling Springs/Spartanburg
This inclusive cooperative provides a safe, fun learning environment. Classes focus on teaching enrichment and electives which will change each semester based on interest and availability of teachers. Contact: Brandi Waldrop [email protected]
Contact Form

By the Brook Homeschool Co-op, Boiling Springs
A Christ centered homeschool co-op that seeks to offer support to homeschooling families by providing opportunities for them to connect and encourage one another by way of weekly classes, field trips, family events, and support meetings.
Contact: Not available

Catholic Schoolhouse, Charlotte, NC
A once a week, Catholic based academic program focused on offering a comprehensive education for grades K through high school.  Find or create a campus near you or simply use their materials! Contact: Toni Keating

CHALK, Lancaster and Kershaw
Agroup of Christian, homeschooling parents and children in Lancaster & Kershaw county of SC  offers monthly planning/fellowship meetings for parents, weekly co-op classes, and field trips.

Charleston Latin (Online)
This program implements a truly “blended learning” classroom, where students learn at their own pace while still getting structured teacher help. Based in Charleston, but are held online. Middle/High school or younger students. Utilizes the Cambridge Latin curriculum.

Chapin Academy, Columbia/Chapin
Modeled after a university-schedule, students take classes two days a week with qualified, Christian instructors in a small class of like-minded students and spend the other three days a week learning under the guidance of loving and dedicated parents at home. K4-8th grade.
Email: [email protected]
Contact: Shawn Hammond 803-400-8284 or Rebecca Davis 803-566-2933

Christian Home Educators of Easley, Easley
CHEE provides fun, educational, elementary classes and interesting middle school, high school, and fine arts opportunities; and supports one another in educating our students in a Godly manner. Often described as “a good, old-fashioned co-op,” all members participate in fulfilling various roles in order for our group to function and parents are required to remain on-site with their child(ren).
Contact: [email protected]

Classeteria: Charleston at Citadel Mall
Classeteria is a community place for local educators, artists, and tutors to offer classes to the community for the purpose of enrichment of extra curricular education with an emphasis on hands-on project based and alternative ways of learning in home education. Offers convenient, affordable, and flexible “menu” of classes for students of all ages.
Contact: [email protected]

Classical Conversations, various locations across the state
The classical model divides the learning process into three stages: grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric. In the grammar stage, children devour facts. In the dialectic stage, children ask many questions as they sort and evaluate these facts. In the rhetoric stage, teenagers synthesize their knowledge and apply it. Founded on the Bible as the inerrant Word of God. Being part of a like-minded and committed community provides parents and students encouragement, fellowship, and accountability.

Clemson Area Classical Academy, Clemson
Clemson Area Classical Academy is a Christ-centered education program which combines the best aspects of a home and traditional education.  As a homeschool hybrid model, the program partners with parents to provide a rigorous college preparatory curriculum that is both classically and Biblically based.
Contact: [email protected]

Coastal Homeschool Enrichment Academy, Beaufort/Jasper
An enrichment cooperative for homeschooling families that focuses on enriching the education of our children by building strong relationships and powerful experiences. These co-op classes are not religiously based. This inclusive group welcomes all families. Classes held one day a week for preschool through high school.

Colleton County Co-op, Walterboro
Cooperative learning activities for homeschoolers, meets once a month.
Contact: [email protected]

Compass Prep, Rock Hill
Compass Prep offers high school classes for homeschooled students, including fellowship, activities, leadership and service opportunities. Instructors offer independent classes. The instructors are employed by the parents and offer a wide range of classes in their passion or discipline. Contact Form

Conway Waldorf Homeschool Cooperative, Conway/Myrtle Beach
This group of like-minded homeschool parents work together to build a positive experience for their children. They use Waldorf materials for collective learning experiences. Located in Horry County, meets up in parks throughout the county each week during the school year.
Contact: Marie Hall

Crestview Christian Homeschool Academy, Greer/Greenville/Spartanburg
Offers enrichment and academic classes for Kindergarten through High School students at a low cost while providing fun and fellowship for all involved.
Contact: [email protected]

Creative Minds Preschool, Mt. Pleasant/Charleston
Creative Minds Preschool is a part-time art and nature-infused program for 3-5 year olds.  This play based program incorporates resourceful crafts, age appropriate individual and group science activities, hands on math opportunities, sensory exploration, as well as writing and reading centers, all in a literature-rich environment.
Contact: [email protected]

Dorchester County Homeschool Co-op is an all inclusive and secular group.  They are a group after one thing: the children’s education/well being/up bringing and to socialize and just have fun!

Dutch Fork Resource Center, Chapin/Columbia
This center is designed to help “shore up” homeschooling parents in areas in which they may not be comfortable providing instruction. The student will be accountable to each instructor, who will teach material, provide assignments, award appropriate grades, and provide grade reports for your records. Contact: Dr. Analisa Smith or Lisa Baghdady

Endeavor, Charleston
This educational cooperative is a group that comes together to Live, Learn, and Have Fun through field trips and other get togethers! Secular, no statement of faith.
Note: No current link or contact information available

Enrich Co-op, Anderson/Clemson
A Christian homeschool cooperative. Meets twice a month.
Contact: [email protected]

Excelsior Academy, Irmo
The Academy classes, ages 4-13, will develop an effective Christian worldview as they study history, literature, foreign language, art, and optional electives. Academy students will be involved in monthly field trips and a service project each semester. All of our High School offerings are college-preparatory classes with honors options which must be declared at the beginning of the school year. Contact: Ashlee Vickery 

Explore Academy Homeschool Hangouts Co-op: Irmo/Columbia
High Engagement, Offer low cost educational classes, and encourage meeting other homeschool families once a month; Secular/Inclusive

Explorers Homeschool Co-op, Greenville
Explorers has brand new homeschool co-op classes in Greenville County. This is an enrichment program for students of all ages. Classes are created with fun and fellowship in mind and led by moms.

Special group rates for your co-op class programs at
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Foothills Christian Co-op, Greer/Greenville/Spartanburg
FCC meets in Greer, SC offering classes for birth-12th grade. It is a mom-lead co-op.
Contact: Martha Crouse [email protected]

For the Social Co-op, Upstate
Kids can have the experience of a class room without the walls of one. This is the un-co-op co-op. Everyone does their own curriculum but offers social/educational meet-ups including: field trips, play dates, park dates, and holiday parties.

Grace Gathering, Greenwood
Grace Gathering is a homeschool co-op with a mission of providing Christ-centered, affordable, fun, high quality academic classes from k4-6th grade.

Greenville Wordsmiths, Greenville County
Wordsmiths empowers kids ages 7-14 to discover & share their voices through the craft of writing and aims to make every child in Greenville County a published author before high school.
Contact Form

Grounded Co-op Academy, Columbia
Riverland Hills Baptist Church offer GROUNDED, a co-op academy for homeschoolers as a community ministry. Quality curricular courses for Kindergarten through Ninth Grade homeschoolers from September to May, every Thursday between 8:25 a.m. and 12:20 p.m.
Contact: Kaitlin Tew email: [email protected] or call: 772.3227

Hands-On Homeschool Virtual Co-op, Online
This virtual co-op is a community of parents, teachers, and students working together to provide your children with a rich, well-rounded education that focuses on developing higher-order thinking skills through Music, PE, Art, & STEM.
Contact: [email protected]

Hart Academy Microschool: Charleston
A Christian cottage hybrid homeschool program for K5-6th grade where education meets fundamentals.  Combines a traditional and Montessori setting with small class size. Lessons in certain subjects lead to a more hands on approach, while others lead to a pencil/paper approach. Lessons are structured and routine. Independent work time and break time are more flexible per student’s interests and preferences.
Contact: [email protected]

Hartsville Homes Educator’s Co-op, PeeDee/Hartsville/Florence
Membership to HHE offers families the opportunity to supplement their homeschool curriculum with academic and enrichment classes by enrolling in Co-op. The group meets on Monday’s in Hartsville for 15 weeks each semester.  Students are encouraged in a Biblical world view and are given opportunities not only academic in nature, but spiritual, social and emotional.  Parents share homeschooling concepts, special skills and talents, and various curriculum as they teach the students at co-op.  Families serve within HHE Co-op in a spirit of unity and cooperation.  Each semester offers an eclectic selection of courses for students and parents to choose from.
Email: [email protected]

Harvest Collaborators United: Columbia/Irmo
Homeschool Collaborators United is a brand new faith based homeschool Co-Op, located off Dutch Fork Road. Also has International Multilingual Kids Academy with online language instruction.
Contact Form

H.E.A.R.T co-op, Conway/Myrtle Beach
Homeschoolers Educating through Art, Recreation, and Technology
HEART is a homeschool co-op in Conway.   Christian co-op classes and we do all sign a statement of faith upon registering. You are not required to believe as we do to join, but must respect what we are. Board members and teachers/assistants need to sign AND believe the statement of faith.
Note: No current link or contact information available

Heritage Homeschool Co-op, Easley
HHC is a full-service organization incorporating both co-op and credit courses, high school and kindergarten graduations, and social activities. Children are a heritage from the Lord.
Contact form 

HERO, Irmo/Columbia
Home Educator’s Resource Organization is homeschool cooperative based in Irmo providing resources, encouragement, and activities for homeschoolers regardless of religious preference, political affiliation, ethnic background, family structure, or educational philosophy.
Contact: [email protected]

Highlands Latin Cottage School, Summerville
This classical, Christian, cottage school is a one-day a week tutorial service for the Charleston area. Our goal is to enrich the homeschool experience by offering a rigorous, traditional academic environment that enlivens the mind and refines the soul.
Contact: Adrian Swain or Megan Dungan
Phone: (843) 970-0166

Holy Queen Homeschool Group, Indian Land/Lancaster
This Catholic group holds classes once a week for Elementary, Middle and High school homeschoolers.
Contact: Anita Nixon 704-840-5643 [email protected]

Home Educators Learning Partnership (HELP), Summerville/Charleston
HELP is a Christian Non-Profit which partners with the home educating family to provide resources and opportunities thru tutorial and corporate learning experiences.
Contact: Anita Coward, (843) 813-5652

Homeschool Co-op 2020: FREE ONLINE
Free asynchronous, online educational programs taught by volunteer professors, experts, & enthusiasts (& kids!) Interested in teaching a class? We’d love to have you! Sign up now.

Homeschool Upstate, Spartanburg
A collaborative community of homeschool families to have regular meet-ups for relationship development among our children (both in & out of their own peer group), as well as interesting, & educational field trips, & exciting events.

HOPE Homeschool Co-op, Mauldin/Greenville
HOPE is a Christian-based, Parent-led cooperative learning program. Co-op is not a replacement for the parent as teacher at home, HOPE offers classes that will enhance or supplement what is being studied at home.
Contact: Jennifer Ware

Ignite Homeschool Co-opEasley/Powdersville
Ignite is a Christian homeschool cooperative that offers classes for Elementary through High School students. We take the best components of a classroom setting and merge it with the homeschool learning environment to create a hybrid of both worlds where you have a teacher facilitated class twice a week with at-home parent reinforcement and instruction for the rest of the week.
Contact Beth Bartlett at [email protected]

Ignite Learning Center, Greer/Greenville
Ignite Learning Center is a microschool STEAM program for elementary students who will meet Monday-Thursday from 9am to 2pm. In addition there are after school classes and camps for STEAM learning opportunities.
Contact Beth Kinzer at [email protected]

Include, Greenville
INCLUDE warmly welcomes and values participation from homeschooling families of different faiths, religions (or lack of same), politics, races, ethnicities, family composition, sexual orientation, diets, vaccination status, abilities or disabilities, and home education styles. No statement of faith, no focus on religion.
Contact group admin to get on waiting list.

Kingdom Builders Homeschool Co-op, Lowcountry/Savannah GA
Full day academic schedule including foreign language, writing, geography, history, art, and more. Meets once a week. Not a drop-off program, no ala carte classes.
Contact Form

Koinonia Co-op, Graniteville/Aiken/North Augusta/Edgefield
Why fit in when you were born to stand out? Parent involvement, faith based homeschool co-op established since 2009.
Contact: [email protected]

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Learn Bravely, Fort Mill/Rock Hill
Learn Bravely Inclusive Homeschool Cooperative is focused in the philosophies of child-led and project-based learning. Each term, participating children propose classes and subjects for the following term that adults use to craft a custom schedule. The adults that lead each class develop a flexible plan for the 12 week period and specific activities for each week. As a result, prescribed curricula is rarely used.
Email: [email protected]

Learning Excellence Center, Inc, Summerville/Charleston
Learning Excellence Center, Inc. is a home-school partnership between the home-school parents and students designed to teach, promote and achieve excellence in learning. The “team approach” enhances the home education experience to its fullest potential through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Contact: Sandra Scott, 843-814-6731

Learn Together Lowcountry, Beaufort/Okatie
Learn Together Lowcountry is a volunteer-run group project. Parents work together to create a hands-on learning environment in order to provide options that are group or expertise oriented. You will find classes, workshops, nursery, playtime opportunities, bible instruction, and events for all ages.
Contact: [email protected]

The Learning Train, Bluffton/Ridgeland/Rincon
Co-op classes and meeting days vary between the 3 locations. Parents agree to help assist in order to keep the fees low. This is a cooperative so we must cooperate with each other and help each other to raise up our children in the way they should go so they will not turn from it. Contact: Donna Cartwright

Lexington Homeschool Co-op, Lexington/Columbia
Classes are taught by parent volunteers; Classes are mostly electives; No tuition – Only small class and family fees. LHC is a Christian organization with the belief that our faith is an integral part of all areas of life, including education. Our classes are taught from the Christian perspective. All families are required to attend Family Devotion.
Contact Form

Lowcountry Christian Co-op LC3, North Charleston
This is a private school, but this program offers once a week classes for homeschoolers and charter/virtual school students to participate.
Contact: Ginni Aban  [email protected]

Lowcountry Gifted Minds, Mt. Pleasant/Charleston
STEM classes and test prep. Drop off program. Schedule your own class with a minimum of 4 participants.
Contact: ​Eva Stratos

Low Country Homeschool Coop, Moncks Corner
Meet Thursdays from 9am – 12 or1pm at Freedom Church on Cypress Garden Road. Classes kick off Jan 5 – May 11, 2017. And begin again next August. Currently looking for interested participants and those who may want to teach.
Contact: Phyllis Lowder or Glory Gooding

Lowcountry Language Academy, Charleston
Offers Spanish immersion preschool, home-school, private, and camp programs develop students’ bilingual skills to successfully compete in the global market place. The staff of native speakers immerse students into meaningful and real-world activities that promote language fluency and conversational skills according to individual learning styles.
Call:  843.442.5683 or Email: [email protected]

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Meadowlark Collective, Greenville/Foothills Region
Charlotte-Mason style classes offered once a week. A collective that promotes gentle learning and steady exposure to good and true and beautiful words and ideas. Drop-off program, Christian perspective.

Midlands Homeschool Resource Center, Lexington/Columbia
It is a resource center, not a school. Its goal is to aid parents who need assistance in teaching their child the upper level mathematics, science, foreign language, and/or English courses required to graduate from high school and to prepare their child for college. Teachers are trained by degree and/or having experience in the areas offered. The key elements of Christianity will be unapologetically taught through the science, math and literature courses offered.
Contact: [email protected]

Milton Academy, Greenville
The Home School Resource Center has changed their name to Milton Academy in 2018-2019. They have been offering exciting and challenging courses for middle and high school students since 1998. Their goal is to help parents with classes they are unable to teach at home while preparing their students for college and life beyond school. Small classes are a great transition from home to the classroom setting.
Contact: Elizabeth Johnson 864-397-0046

Miraki LIFE Academy, Myrtle Beach/Virtual-Online
Offers online classes à la carte, a wide variety of social and academic clubs, private lessons in music and art, extracurricular activities, virtual field trips, educational resources for parents and students, and weekly seminars for the homeschooling community.  Classes are taught by esteemed professionals in their fields and certified, licensed teachers in secure online classrooms. Secular/Non-religious

Monday’s Artist, Homeschool Enrichment in Fort Mill
Monday’s Artists is a fine arts enrichment program focusing on teaching students how to utilize the right side of the brain, to see the beauty that surrounds us, and to visually bring it to life. Offering professional instruction using high quality materials at affordable rates, AND opportunities for friendships.
Contact: Kate Bach 

Oconee Education Group, Oconee
A homeschooling group made up of secular/inclusive parents in the Oconee area. Looking to bring forth a community for our kids to be apart of and included in.
Contact: [email protected]

Oak & Sparrow Learning Lab: Charleston/Lowcountry and Online/ZoomEnrichment Classes and Clubs for enrichment and socialization of homeschooled students in South Carolina.
Pay monthly.

Pathways Homeschool Co-op, Fort Mill
Pathways is a Christ-centered community that provides a variety of classes to meet the needs of home-schooling families in a safe and loving environment. We desire to strengthen home-schooling families by providing Christ-like support and encouragement for all. We work together to achieve excellence by serving each other through our God given strengths.
Contact: Laura Cripe

Pathways for Scholars, Myrtle Beach
Pathways for Scholars Christ-centered cooperative of Vine and Branches Home Educators.  It is our mission to partner with families to provide a challenging curriculum that enables the students to maximize their God-given potential and talents. Through classroom setting, students have the opportunity to benefit from academic projects that are well-suited to a group environment and learn independent study skills while developing friendships and practicing social skills.
Contact: Susanna Bleyer, Program Director or Heidi Ekster, Academic Director 

Peaceful Gatherings Nature School, Columbia
Peaceful Gatherings Nature School is an early childhood program that offers an outdoor, bilingual education. Non-religious.
Contact Sandra Rivas: [email protected]

Phoenix Arts Co-op, Spartanburg
Phoenix Arts is a laid back, close knit home school arts co-op, located in downtown Spartanburg, SC.
* K-12 (Primary, Middle, Upper) * Secular * Inclusive * LGBTQIA+ friendly * Neurodiversity welcome * Teen leadership opportunities

Principia, Columbia
The Principia Center is a resource center for homeschool families in Columbia, SC.  We provide weekly instruction for students in grades 7-12. The Principia Center exists to impart knowledge to students in a manner that equips them to live confidently as Christians, able to articulate their own world view and to understand the views of the world around them.
Contact Form

Roots & Wings Forest School: Upstate/Greenville
Hands on, Play based Education to children 3-8 years. We are a mighty team of five,  dedicated to outdoor education, positive school experiences, building community and raising children who  engaged with nature throughout their lives.

Royal Scholars Co-op: Columbia
Royal Scholars Homeschool Academy offers a unique educational experience for homeschool Families with an Afro-Centered focus. We offer real-world learning experiences thru community, service to others, and field trips. Inspiring our children to be leaders with energy, poise, and boldness.
Contact: [email protected]

School of the Minds, Irmo/Columbia
School of the Minds is committed to quality high-level secular education and to developing a dedicated inclusive homeschool community. We focus on STEAM subjects. School of the Minds distinguishes itself from other coops in the area in that it is less an “instructional” co-op but more a “passion” based homeschool center. Not only do our children discuss ideas with their peers, but we allow them access to converse with the community in which they live, and even with others worldwide.
Contact: Carissa Cox

Seaside Cottage School, Mt. Pleasant/Charleston
Seaside Cottage School is a tutor-style program that utilizes the Charlotte Mason Method. One, two, or three-day-a-week elementary and middle school tutorial ministry where students read from primary source books and compose answers longhand. An old-fashioned education meeting the needs of the 21st Century.
Contact: [email protected].com

S.H.E.E.P., Summerville/Charleston
Summerville Home Educators Enriching Partners is designed to help facilitate the home education experience and is run by parents just like you who have the desire to share their knowledge and expertise in a certain subject area. The mission of SHEEP is to glorify God by assisting Christian Home Educators.
Contact: Amy King

Solid Rock Co-op, Spartanburg
A faith based co-op with elective classes.

Stars Co-op, Moore/Spartanburg
STARS is a parent-led home school co-op where all children are treated special and receive a Christ-centered, academic, friendly environment. In order to maintain an elevated standard of excellence, we unite together with other like-minded parents and children that share the same goals. At STARS, we are one team with a vision to motivate and empower homeschooling families in the Upstate region.
Contact: Laura Lee

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Trinity Homeschool Academy, Columbia
Trinity Homeschool Academy offers a connect group as a place for fellowship and support for homeschool families, experienced and inexperienced; A co-op for parent-led instruction for students of all grade levels; and a resource centerto provide Godly, passionate, and knowledgeable teachers to help educate middle and high school homeschool students.
Contact:  [email protected]

Upstate Area Debate Club, Greenville
Upstate Area Speech and Debate club exists to “support homeschooled students and their parents in developing and practicing the life skills necessary for Godly character and effective verbal and nonverbal communication.” (UASD mission statement).  Seeks to meet the mission through weekly meetings focusing on speech and debate skills and how they relate to communication, life, and Christianity.

Upstate Homeschool Co-op, Taylors/Greenville
Our mission is to glorify God by providing spiritual, social, emotional, and academic enrichment to the homeschool families in our community. The Upstate Homeschool Co-op is organized and administered by a volunteer committee of home schooling parents. Classes are taught by paid professionals
Director: Suzanne Brown

Upstate Homeschool Hybrid, Anderson
The Upstate Hybrid Homeschool Schoolhouse is founded on the principles of play-based, project-driven, and personalized education. Utilizing our Family-Style™ Schoolhouse model from WonderHere, children are taught core skills and concepts, while also getting the opportunity to explore their own interests with the guidance of teacher mentorship.
Contact: [email protected]

Upstate Literacy Learning & Tutoring Center, Homeschool Pod Piedmont/Easley/Greenville
An innovative learning environment where students attend 3 hours, 3 days a week in small-group sessions.  Uses multi-sensory, research based, and explicit curriculum for Reading, Writing, &  Math. Ages K5-1st grade.
Contact: [email protected]

Writer’s Circle, Fort Mill Area
Serving grades 1 – (remedial) 9th with a focused on language arts and whole child learning. Offers class instruction, assignments and grades to teach for students to find joy in unwrapping new discoveries for further exploration, realize their abilities to learn and pace independently while having mom on stand-by to guide, take notes, keep organized notebooks, follow a rubric, study, quiz, test, and so on.  Seeks students who are open to being inspired to learn, to work diligently, and to be encouraged toward working independently while being equally open to playing hard and building friendships focused on kindness and fun.
Contact: [email protected]

Vache Homeschool Co-op, Fort Mill/Charlotte
Vache Homeschool Cooperative is an inclusive/non-religious academic and enrichment drop off program for students ages 5 – 18. We believe in a healthy balance of technology integration and classic teaching practices in the classroom.

Vanguard Homeschool Academy, Greer/Greenville
Vanguard provides homeschooling families an opportunity to extend their children’s learning experiences one day a week by engaging students in classes in a wide variety of subjects. Our mission is to be a Christ centered, biblically- based homeschool resource for families. We want to come alongside families in their homeschooling journey, to encourage and support families as they seek to develop Godly character in their children.
Contact: [email protected]

Veritas SC: A Homeschool Resource Center, Charleston/Mt. Pleasant and new location in Augusta, GA
Veritas Schools offer homeschooling families a unique complement to their home study programs by providing  one day per week of classroom instruction, with an emphasis on classical as well as traditional subjects taught from a distinctly Christian perspective.  All students at Veritas Schools learn factual and philosophical truth, learn to evaluate the messages they are receiving from the world around them, and learn to defend their beliefs in a persuasive manner.
Contact: Dee Goodnight or Alan Wilson

University-Model Schools

Note: A University-Model® school is a Christian private school combining the best attributes of homeschool and traditional school. Students meet on campus two or three days per week, and complete lessons under the direction of professional teachers, then working at home with the parent’s supervision on alternate days.

Hope Scholars Academy, North Charleston
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 843-608-8875

Lake Pointe Academy, Lake Wylie/Fort Mill/Charlotte
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 803-631-LAKE (5253)

Thrive Academy, Augusta, GA
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (706) 755-0736

University School of the Lowcountry, Mt. Pleasant/Charleston
Email: Judy Hubbard or Jason Kreutner
Phone: 843-884-0902

Veritas Preparatory School, Greenville
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 864-309-0511

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