Half Moon Homeschool Accountability Association

Half Moon Accountability Association is a 3rd Option Accountability group in South Carolina. Here’s a look at some of the services they offer. Note: The information provided here is for reference only. The association prices and services may have changed since this post was updated. 

Half Moon

“We love working with homeschool families! We welcome all homeschoolers and support your right to homeschool your child the best way that works for your family.” ~Katie Frampton, director

Half Moon Association

Service Area: Statewide, welcomes unschoolers and relaxed schoolers
Office Location: Charleston, SC

$50 for the first student
$25 each additional student
* Early Bird discount 50% off the first student till May 30:
$25/first student, plus $25 each additional.
* Family Discount for more than 4 students.

Member Services:
Membership documents.
Optional: Diploma and Transcript preparation, $75

Record Keeping Due: May 31

Religious Affiliation:  Secular, all-inclusive, no ties to H$LDA

Director contact: Katie Frampton
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 843-422-8764
Website: Half Moon Homeschool Accountability Association 

What members are saying about Half Moon: 

  • “Half moon made it so easy to start homeschooling! Very supportive and understanding with all my crazy “fears” surrounding taking them out of public school! I am so glad I found this association! Looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Half Moon! Thank you!” ~Heather A.
  • “We love this accountability association! Katie has been our advocate when dealing with uninformed school district employees and did a fantastic job. I can’t imagine belonging to any other association!” ~Rachel E.
  • “Noninvasive, quick to reply, friendly, helpful, great price.” ~Kat
  • “We got approved in a matter of minutes and all of our questions were answered! Thank you for making such a smooth transition!” ~Sarah P.
  • “Katie is the sweetest person and is ALWAYS there for me when I have a question or concern! She is fabulous about reminding everyone when important dates are coming and her association dues are very affordable!” ~Jessica M.


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  1. Angela DeVore says

    Are our children to be “learning” in each subject 180 days out of the year or can there be uneven amounts per subject documented, per SC LAW?

    • HomeschoolingSC says

      There’s no specification in the law. You are free to decide how much of each subject to cover.
      In elementary years we always did reading, writing and math activity/lesson each day. Then–another subject area: Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Art, Music, PE. We had exceptions to that “schedule”–where we skipped everything for a field trip or really involved project we were doing.

      Then, for High School, the student was given a certain amount of work to accomplish in a week–because we had some once-a-week classes that they needed to prepare for that. Sometimes, they would tackle all of one subject in a day…or sometimes divide it up a little bit of each subject per day. It was up to them to figure out the best schedule.

      It’s really up to you to figure out what works for you.


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