Who’s the Authority Anyway?

How do we know “you homeschoolers” are official? Who oversees you? Who’s the authority that holds you accountable anyway? These are the questions I often hear from school officials. Sometimes I hear homeschoolers saying similar things. I believe these questions are missing the foundational concept about education–and who is the authority over it anyway? Are […]

Homeschool Critics: I Never See Them Do School Work

Homeschool critics seem to delight in telling me that they don’t believe in homeschooling. It riles me up a bit–and I feel immediately compelled to debate with the critic. But, I also try to listen so I can understand why they have made this conclusion. Let’s take a look at one of arguments that I […]

Parental Rights in Homeschooling

This blog began in 2013 when our homeschool rights came under fire here in South Carolina. It’s been a work in progress for us to keep watch and protect our homeschool rights, including bringing awareness to the issues that affect us. We need to dig into the topic of parental rights in homeschooling. Homeschooling rights […]

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