Service Area: Statewide
Office Location: PO Box 51386, Summerville, SC 29485-1386

$30/family. Offers military discount and early registration discount for renewals by May.
Applications accepted year round.

Member services: Membership Letter, newsletter, class ranking.
Optional: SCHEA discount, HSLDA discount, Yahoo support groups.
CHASC is a co-sponsor of the Lowcountry Homeschool Convention

Record Keeping Due: May 31

Religious Affiliation: Christian Association.  No statement of faith or religious information is required of our members.  However, our board members are Christians.

Director contact:  Wendy Graham
Phone: (843) 376-3209
Fax: (843) 638-8890
Website: Christian Homeschoolers’ Association of SC (CHASC)

What Members are saying:
“Wendy is wonderful. Every time I’ve come to her with an issue or question, she faithfully devotes her time to walk me through every option. She always searches out other resources and give me suggestions for research myself.”~Cindy G.

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