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Here’s a look at some of the other 3rd Option Associations listed on 2023-2024 SC DOE list. Note: The information provided here is for reference only. The association contacts, prices and services may have changed since this post was updated. 

The SC Homeschooling Connection encourages each family to find an association that is a good fit for your homeschool. Everyone has individual preferences about their doctor, their grocery store, even their church.  It’s a matter of deciding what works for you and your family. So, find one of the Homeschool Associations in SC that is right for you.

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Other Associations in SC

These Associations offer limited access to their membership or we have limited information on them. Some of these are new, so may still be building their online presence. Others that have been established for years may prefer limited online presence, utilizing word-of-mouth connections/referrals.

Contact them directly to find out more info. Let us know if you have information or feedback about any of these organizations.

Carolina Foothills Home School Association
Director contact: Lisa McAbee,  [email protected]
P.O. Box 1137, Inman, South Carolina 29349
Phone: 864-472-347
Website: None

Carolina Kids Homeschool Association
Director contact: Jess Alfreds, [email protected]
528 Trafalgar Court, Conway, SC 29526
Phone: 917-881-1530
Website: https://www.carolinakidscoop.com/
“An outdoor,  academic, secular, cooperative
micro-school serving students between the ages of 3 and 16.” 

Community Learning Academy
Director Contact: Sandra Harmon  [email protected]
817 F Street, Hartville, SC 29550
Phone: 302-245-0299
Website: N/A
“Specializes in Educational Consulting services and instructional materials for homeschool families across the US.”

Creative Pod Squad @Studio 43*19
Director contact: Michelle DeCantillon, [email protected]
4811 Highway 17 Bypass S., Ste. 3, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
Phone: 843-400-3045
Website: https://www.studio4319.com/
“Creative POD squad is a homeschool co-op that was created through a passion of sharing a love for creative learning. Creativity is Contagious!”

Evergreen Explorers
Director contact: Savannah Chapman, [email protected]
141 Traction Street, Greenville SC 29611
Phone: 864-729-3341
Website: N/A

Quiver Accountability (for members of Arrows Academy)
Director contact: Esther Oliver,  [email protected]
2700 Bush River Road, Columbia SC 29210
Phone: (803)-210-5902
Website: https://arrowsacademy.org/
“A 3rd Option Accountability Association for homeschool families in Arrows Academy.”

Upstate Schooling Reimagined
Director contact: Shawn Hunting, [email protected]
No other information listed about this organization. No location, no phone, no website.

Associations that are based outside of SC

There are also a couple of associations listed on the  list from the SC Department of Ed that are actually not located in SC. Some other states allow homeschooling under an “umbrella school”, so they’re offering a similar type program in SC. But, I question whether they are fully in compliance with the SC Uniform Grade scale (which is important for official high school documents). I list them here for you to consider:

Aliyah Academy
Director contact: Katie Nemeth, [email protected]
PO Box 1045, Morristown, TN 37816
Phone: 865-297-6940
Website: https://www.aliyahacademy.com/
“AliYah Academy is recognized by the Tennessee Department of Education as a Category IV Church-Related School.  We are in affiliation with the Hebraic Roots Fellowship “Yisrael Yachad.”

Bridge Academy
Director contact: Leah McDermott, M.Ed, [email protected]
PO Box 262 Carlisle, PA 17013
Phone: 401-300-0263
Website: https://www.bridgeacademy.us/
“Bridge Academy is a private school empowering our parent educators to homeschool and unschool with their children while building a learner portfolio and meeting state regulations.”

Enlightium Academy
Director contact: Yelena Solodyankin, [email protected]
1330 N. Washington Street, Ste. 5050, Spokane, WA 99201
Phone: 866-488-4818
Website: https://www.enlightiumacademy.com/
“Enlightium Academy is an approved private school in Washington state and is accredited by Cognia and the Association of Christian Schools International. Since 2003, Enlightium faculty and staff have served partner schools, hybrid, online, and homeschool K-12 students.”

HomeLife Academy is a non-traditional K-12 private school, also known as an umbrella or cover school.
Contact: Angela McKee   [email protected]
3563 Highway 45 North, Jackson, Tennessee 38305
Phone: 888-560-0774
Website:  http://homelifeacademy.com/

New System School
Contact: Laura Feucht, [email protected]
456 Old Huntsville Road, Fayetteville, TN 37334
Phone: 931-433-0727
Website: https://www.newsystemschool.org/
“New System School, Inc., is a non-profit private school for the children of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The school was formed to help member parents seeking an alternative to the public school system for their childrens’ secular and spiritual education.”


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  1. Do not signup with Bridge Academy! We have had a horrible experience with Leah and she has taken hundreds of dollars from us for nothing in return!

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