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otherThese Associations offer limited access to their membership or we have limited information on them. Contact them to find out more info. Let me know if you have information about any of these organizations. Contact: [email protected]

Carolina Foothills Home School Association
Director contact: Lisa McAbee, [email protected]
P.O. Box 1137, Inman, South Carolina 29349
Phone: 864-472-347
Website: None

Community Learning Academy specializes in Educational Consulting services and instructional materials for homeschool families across the US.
Director Contact: Sandra Harmon  [email protected]
817 F Street, Hartville, SC 29550
Phone: 302-245-0299
Website: https://www.communitylearningacademy.info/


Quiver Accountability (for members of Arrows Academy)
A 3rd Option Accountability Association for homeschool families in Arrows Academy
Director contact: Esther Oliver, [email protected]
225 Whitby Road City, Irmo, S.C. 29063
Phone: (803)-407-8889
Website: https://arrowsacademy.org/

There are also a couple of associations listed on the 2020-2021 list from the SC Department of Ed that are actually not located in SC. They are located in Tennessee–which has similar homeschool laws as SC. But, I question whether they are fully in compliance with the SC Uniform Grade scale (which is important for official high school documents). I list them here for you to consider:

HomeLife Academy is a non-traditional K-12 private school, also known as an umbrella or cover school.
Contact: Angela McKee   [email protected]
3563 Highway 45 North, Jackson, Tennessee 38305
Phone: 888-560-0774
Website:  http://homelifeacademy.com/

Honor School
Contact: Kelli Sharitt
Address: PO Box 851061, Mobile AL 36585
Phone: 334-384-4619
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.honorschoolsouthcarolina.com/


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