Our Blog Friends

Meet some more of our blog friends:

Our Everyday Chaos: Carrie is a homeschooler in South Carolina. She offers lots of insight on Charlotte Mason and Unschooling. Plus, she’s got lots of great advice about photography.


The Secular Homeschool: The home for Eclectic homeschoolers, Free-thinking homeschoolers, and non-religious homeschoolers. It’s a one-stop shop for all things homeschooling to get connected around the world.


Feeding Big: Cynthia graduated her daughter from homeschooling. Her blog is about lots of great recipes. She also has a weekly link up where you can find lots of family-friendly and homeschool activities.


Sandy Toes Creations: Offers a weekly link up to lots of learning resources for homeschoolers. Click over to get some ideas for your home and school.


Our Unschooling Journey: A daily peek into the life of one homeschooling family. She doesn’t use boxed curricula and often wings her days’ lessons as each day comes.  With three boys it can sometimes be a circus but she enjoys it that way.