Find and Contact your SC Legislator

Find and contact your legislator. Open the lines of communication about homeschooling rights and freedoms.
Maybe even thank them for supporting and advocating for homeschoolers.

Do you know how to contact your representatives?

It’s very easy to draft a note or leave a voicemail with your input and opinion about any legislative issues. But, I have to confess that I didn’t know what to say though. Finding the rep’s contact information is the easy part. But, what do I say? And does my perspective really matter anyway?

In fact, legislators actually do pay attention to their constituents (that’s us). They want to hear our perspective on issues.

Be sure to state your concerns in a respectful, professional tone. Ask questions about their position on the matter. When you get a response, be sure to say thanks for their time and effort to reply.

Finding your Legislator:
Input your address and zip code to:

South Carolina Legislators can be reached through this contact form. You can send a message to individual representatives, all of them, or members of a specific committees.

Come meet these representatives at SCHEA’s Homeschool Day at the Capitol. Meet your reps in person to establish a real-life connection for the next time you reach out online.

What other tips do you have for interacting with your legislators?

Find a local support group that keeps up with legislative news:

Local Support

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