Foothills Accountability Association

Foothills Accountability Association is a 3rd Option Accountability group in South Carolina. Here’s a look at some of the services they offer. Note: The information provided here is for reference only. The association prices and services may have changed since this post was updated. Foothills Accountability Association is a 3rd Option Accountability group in South Carolina. Here's a look at some of the services they offer. 

Foothills Accountability Association

“Our organization offers more than just bi-annual checkoffs. We want to show YOU that with dedication and the right support, encouragement, curriculum assistance, and college guidance, YOU CAN give your child the BEST education possible!”

Service Area: Oconee, Pickens, and Anderson counties
Office location: P.O. Box 35, Seneca, SC 29679

$40/family, Late registration: $60

High schoolers add $5/each, Seniors add $20/each
HSLDA membership recommended
Registration open thru January 15th

Member Services: Membership packet (mailed), mandatory accountability meetings, e-chain newsletter, workshops, curriculum lending library, college scholarship assistance, confidential prayer.

Record Keeping Due: May 31, records are inspected in person twice/year.

Religious Affiliation: Christian. All are welcome to join as long as they can honestly agree to the level and type of accountability as outlined in membership agreement.
Established: 1996

Director contact: Kimberly Williams
Email:  [email protected] 
Phone: 864-247-6068
Website: Foothills Accountability Association

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