Nutcracker Activities

In a previous post, we talked about our annual gingerbread decorating party tradition. Now let’s take a look at another annual tradition the Nutcracker–with additional Nutcracker activities, too!

One of our favorite holiday traditions is going to the local production of the Nutcracker Ballet. We always have friends who are performing so it’s great to support them.

But, it’s also a great learning activity to spark more fun and educational studies for the holidays. This time of year often disrupts the regular routine and schedule. I say, embrace it. It’s ok to change up the plan with some alternative studies.

Nutcracker Activities

Here’s a few Nutcracker-Theme resources to inspire your inner Mouse King or Sugarplum Fairy. These are all digital files, printable immediately. Perfect for last minute impulse for a teachable moment.

  • Nutcracker Play Set: Paper dolls of favorite characters and background scenes to play out the story.
  • 25 Coloring Sheets: Relax and unwind, with crayons, coloring pencils, markers, or paints. Cue up with the soundtrack or other holiday music.
  • Nutcracker Unit Study: PreK-4th grade level. Learn about the ballet and composers, with vocabulary, copy work, word find, writing prompts, word puzzles, memory game and more.
  • Nutcracker Activity Pack: Includes story cards, Build-a-Scene, maze, crossword, writing prompts, poster, journaling pages and more.
  • Nutcracker Learning Pack: Includes handwriting cards, sight words cards, bingo, time and skip counting cards, word search and more.

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More Nutcracker Activities

Here’s a few more free play, fun activities inspired by the Nutcracker theme. These are all digital files, printable immediately. Perfect for last minute impulse for a teachable moment.

Whether it’s a new interest or a favorite tradition–check out a live performance or a recorded video or movie. Add on some of these fun learning activities to enrich your experience.

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