Half Moon Homeschool Accountability Association

Half Moon

Service Area: Statewide, welcomes unschoolers and relaxed schoolers
Office Location: Charleston, SC

$50 for the first student
$20 each additional student
Early Bird discount:
50% off the first student till May 31.
$25/first student, plus $20 each additional.

Member Services:
Membership documents.
Optional: Diploma and Transcript preparation, $75

Record Keeping Due: May 31

Religious Affiliation:  Secular, all-inclusive, no ties to H$LDA

Director contact: Katie Frampton
Email: halfmoonhomeschool.sc@gmail.com
Phone: 843-819-8170
Website: Half Moon Homeschool Accountability Association
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  • Angela DeVore

    Are our children to be “learning” in each subject 180 days out of the year or can there be uneven amounts per subject documented, per SC LAW?

    • HomeschoolingSC

      There’s no specification in the law. You are free to decide how much of each subject to cover.
      In elementary years we always did reading, writing and math activity/lesson each day. Then–another subject area: Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Art, Music, PE. We had exceptions to that “schedule”–where we skipped everything for a field trip or really involved project we were doing.

      Then, for High School, the student was given a certain amount of work to accomplish in a week–because we had some once-a-week classes that they needed to prepare for that. Sometimes, they would tackle all of one subject in a day…or sometimes divide it up a little bit of each subject per day. It was up to them to figure out the best schedule.

      It’s really up to you to figure out what works for you.

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