Homeschooling High School 101

Welcome to homeschooling high school! Most parents approach this new challenge with a little fear and trepidation. However, you can do this and the doors of opportunity will open for you student. Click on the icons to read more about High School requirements and record-keeping.

Making your high school transcript in South Carolina. What's a Credit, Graduation requirements and Calculating a GPA.  4-year College Admissions Requirements in South Carolina Parent Made Transcripts in South CarolinaTo rank or not to rank? Class ranking policies for homeschoolers in SC.  Tax credits you can get for college tuition--even dual enrollment credits. But should you take the tax breaks or not? Online courses for your homeschool teen Local Resource Centers and Co-ops in South Carolina.  Homeschool Athletic for High schoolers in SC Equal Access for homeschoolers in SC Public and Private virtual schools in South Carolina are an alternative to homeschooling. It's a great option to consider.  Important High school Info you NEED to know. Changes in South Carolina's Grade Scale. Changes in FAFSA. And a consolidated College application. How long do you keep homeschool records? What do you keep forever? Homeschoolers in High School can attend these College Preview Days to see where they may want to go after graduation. How to withdraw a child from public school in SC These are some of the important documents to obtain from your association director. Some of these documents are not automatically issued, so you might need to request them. Talk to your association director about their procedures for obtaining these important homeschool documents. 


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