Encompass Homeschool

Encompass Homeschool is a 3rd Option Accountability group in South Carolina. Previously, called Oconee County Third Option Group. Encompass is now accepting members statewide. Here’s a look at some of the services they offer. Note: The information provided here is for reference only. The association prices and services may have changed since this post was updated.

Encompass Homeschool is a 3rd Option Accountability association in SC. Tree logo and vines.

Encompass Homeschool

 You do the teaching…we provide the support and accountability. Individualized attention when you need it with a hands off approach when you’re ready.

Service Area: Oconee County–and Statewide
Mailing Address:  PO Box 22, Mountain Rest, SC 29664

$40 per family
 Application available all year

Member Services: Membership certificate, online support group, preferred records checkoff methods. Non-ranking.

Also offers in person meet ups and field trip activities.

Record Keeping Due: Mid-year and end of year records check, January 10 and June 10.
Choices for records review: In-person/virtual meeting, Submit photos or Submit online form
Religious Affiliation: inclusive, no statement of faith

Director contact: Christie Cochran
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 864-571-0297
Website: Encompass Homeschool

What Members are saying about Encompass Homeschool:

  • “Christie truly has the gift of encouragement. She sincerely wants those around her to succeed, and supports them in any way possible.” Larissa Y.
  • “Christie is an excellent communicator, facilitator, and planner. If you are attempting to accomplish anything, you want her on your team!” Sara J.
  • “Christie welcomes everyone and makes sure that they feel comfortable and have the resources to succeed. She is an asset to any team!” Anna Marie I.

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