Holiday Engineering Challenge: Graham Cracker Structure

Homeschooling thru the holidays is entirely possible! Today’s holiday engineering challenge, should you accept it: Build a graham cracker structure–with your co-op or support group.

Take a look at the recent participants and how their designs turned out. We had a variety of ages participate, from 3 years old up to 17 years old. Plus a few moms jumped in to the challenge, too!

Allergy notice: the products contain gluten, wheat, eggs. Many participants do not eat the final product as it can sit open on display for several weeks.

DIY Holiday Engineering Challenge

Each family brought their own crackers. One box is enough for 1 or 2 participants. It allows for broken crackers (and snacking). During the construction, they used appropriate tools: sharp serrated knives and decorator icing bags. I provided some basic handling instructions. You know for safety…and a little inspiration.

Imagination and Individuality

Some participants worked mostly by themselves. Others collaborated with each other or an adult helper. Some stood while they worked. Others remained seated.

Some were very precise with their icing seams and cracker alignment. Others were not concerned about that.

Some made really big structures and worked on internal supports. Others were much smaller designs with more attention to finishing details.

Finished project examples: Graham Cracker Structure

With a few basic instructions about how to cut the crackers and how to glue pieces together–these are the results. A flying house A penguin. A castle. A Villiage Square. And one that the inventor said, “It looks like an air conditioner unit.” Several engineered a snack too.

The participants were also asked to bring a box from home to carry home their creations. And I sent them home with their icing bag, in case they needed to make repairs after transport. Or in case they felt inspired to do more at home, too.

I only heard one damage report. The next day on Facebook. “The ill-fated graham cracker town square was pillaged and partly devoured by hairy invaders from 2 different households. Town square was beset by further attacks off the Isle of Kitchen.” So, I guess defending the final project is the next phase of the challenge.

Are you ready for the challenge?
Let me know in the comments how it works for you!

Check out the instructions for this challenge

Or How to Build a Basic Graham Cracker House:
Step-by-step instructions to build a basic graham cracker house

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