Facebook and Yahoo Online Support Groups

Online support groups are a great resource for your homeschool. Many of them are free or very low cost to join. These Facebook and Yahoo groups are listed her in alphabetical order, to facilitate the page editors being able to add groups more easily. Locations are included in the description to help you find the ones that meet-up near you.

Online support groups are a great resource. Many of them are free or very low cost to join.

Facebook Online Support Groups

NOTE: To the best of my knowledge, all these groups are no cost, no membership agreement, in order to join.

South Carolina Homeschool Connect an inclusive, statewide discussion forum about homeschooling resources and information.

SC Homeschool Legislative Watch a political and legislative message board created to fight the South Carolina Proposed Bill H3478, which threatened many of our homeschool rights in SC. Now, the threat of that bill has gone. A new group has emerged: The SC Homeschooling Connection to encourage, educate and empower homeschoolers. 

Cola City Homeschoolers an inclusive, collaborative network of resources and events for homeschoolers in the Greater Columbia Area (Cola for short) and surrounding areas of SC’s capital city. A subsidiary of the SC Homeschooling Connection.

Aiken Secular Homeschoolers Just a safe space for homeschoolers that are not religious or do not homeschool for religious reasons. A place to share secular curriculum, set up play dates, and possibly start a co-op

Black Homeschoolers of the Carolinas, Statewide
This group was created to help black homeschooling families connect with each other in the Carolina Region.

Black SAHM and Homeschoolers of Charleston, Charleston
Local group to help Black homeschool families and stay-at-home-moms connect with each other.

Buy/Sell Homeschool Curriculum is page for buying and selling your used homeschool curriculum.

Carolina History Homeschool Group is a community for homeschoolers of all ages intended to foster a love of learning history and appreciation for the preservation and support of all historically significant sites in the Carolinas (North and South Carolina).

Catawba County Homeschool Community (CCHC) is a secular group open to both home educators and NC Virtual school families in and around Catawba County.  CCHC welcomes home educators from all walks of life, all faiths and family structures. This does not mean we are anti-religious or condone religion-bashing. It simply means we focus on academics rather than religious aspects of homeschooling. Our goal is to offer social and networking opportunities in a friendly and non-judgmental environment for fellow home educators.

Charleston SC Homeschool Curriculum Exchange  is a place to buy, sell, or trade curriculum and share any other information that would be helpful to homeschooling families.

Cherokee County Homeschoolers is homeschool support group for Cherokee County SC and surrounding areas.

Christian Homeschoolers of North East Columbia is a group for Christian homeschooling moms with younger children living in the NE Columbia area. We are here to connect with others, to encourage each other, and to get together and enjoy life together as homeschooling families.

Coastal Unschoolers is a place for unschooling families of the GA coast and surrounding areas to come together, share stories and have fun!

Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool of South Carolina is for Easy Peasy Home-schoolers in South Carolina.

Fellowship of Christian Homeschoolers, Greenville seek to support, empower and connect Christian homeschoolers in the Upstate South Carolina area through meetings, parent-led activities, online website and lots of opportunities for Christian fellowship. Potential new members are required to read and respond to the FCH Membership Application Form before they can be considered for membership.

Fort Jackson Homeschool Connection is for homeschooling families that live on or near Fort Jackson, SC. Our 1st goal is to connect, build friendships and create healthy learning environments for our children. Our 2nd goal is to support each other, because no one else knows what it is like to be a homeschooling military family!

For the Social Co-op is the unco-op co-op for the Upstate. Kids can have the experience of a class room without the walls of one. Everyone does their own curriculum but offers social/educational meet-ups including: field trips, play dates, park dates, and holiday parties.

Gifted Homeschoolers in South Carolina is affiliated with Gifted Homeschoolers Forum  and School of the Minds. This facebook group is a place for sharing resources friendly to gifted children and for bringing families of gifted children together.

Greenville Homeschool Directory is a place for homeschoolers of Greenville, SC to share ideas about co-ops, field trips, and other great resources for local home-schoolers. This group keeps the topics focused on homeschooling.

Holy City Homeschooling, (Berkeley) is a place where Christian homeschoolers in the lowcountry area of South Carolina can join in on events such as field trips and meetups, and feel free to discuss anything related to faith & homeschooling.

Homeschooling in Aiken is an all-inclusive, group of homeschooling families in Aiken, South Carolina. We strive to have a diverse group of members who will support each other along this exciting path of homeschooling our children. Weekly playgroup at the park, field trips and activities throughout the year. A place to share ideas, resources, experiences, a place to participate in activities, and to make friends!

Homeschoolers in and around Greenwood, SC is open to any homeschooling families in the area–keeping it local (old friends that have moved away and families who have graduated their children are welcome also). This is a place to discuss curriculum, opportunities, and best practices.

Homeschooling CHARLESTON STYLE  (How we homeschool in the Lowcountry)  is a group for ANY AND ALL home-educators. We are homeschoolers, unschoolers, life-learners. If you know of ANY discounts offered for homeschooling families, please post here. Our group has many weekly things on the calendar every month so please don’t post outside events as it may take away from the rsvp’s already in place for a certain event.

Homeschoolers of Pickens County, SC is a place for Pickens Area Homeschoolers to plan meet-ups at local parks, arrange group field trips, for general questions regarding homeschooling or for curriculum/ supplies for sale or trade.

Homeschooling Events, Support, etc- Charleston SC is a message board for anyone to post any events that homeschoolers may be interested in. The purpose is to get the information out to anyone who might be interested, and allowing our homeschooling community to grow and thrive.

Homeschool Hangouts, Columbia SC connects Homeschoolers of all ages in the Columbia, South Carolina area. Bringing our kids together by sharing park play dates and field trip opportunities. Non Judgemental, no religious affiliation although religious events are welcome.

Homeschooling Info Cola And Surrounding Areas is a place where you can share or find helpful info pertaining to homeschool. If you’re out and see info about a cool field trip opportunity.. post it. Maybe you tried a new curriculum and want to share about it.. post it. Or maybe you want to know about something you haven’t tried.. ask it.

Homeschooling Mom of Upstate SC is a place to connect with other Moms, share ideas, vent and just have fun!

Homeschooling Multilingual Kids, Statewide and beyond
This group was created to bring homeschooling families across the globe together, as we embark on our journey of raising bilingual or even trilingual children. Shares foreign language resources, ideas, and connection with other parents (lots of SC participants).


Homeschool Support Group for Chester County, South Carolina is public message board for events going in Chester County.

Horry County Homeschoolers is a group for all homeschoolers in Horry County, SC, who would like to meet other parents, meet for play dates, group field trips, and just general discussion.

IHEA (Inclusive Home Educators of Anderson, S.C.) is a space to share social and educational opportunities for homeschool families in and around Anderson County, South Carolina. Members are encouraged to post activities such as field trips, classes, park days, play dates, and meet-ups at any time. Our goal is to facilitate opportunities for support, and for forming friendships, in an inclusive environment. To that end, we welcome all ages, educational philosophies, races, ethnicities, religions (or lack thereof), political beliefs, orientations, abilities, family compositions, and genders

Irmo/Ballentine/Chapin/Homeschool Sales is a message board for homeschool curriculum and anything that can be classified as educational…games, educational toys, children’s books, desks, shelving. People from other areas are allowed to join but need to expect to meet in the Irmo/ Ballenitine/Chapin area for transactions unless agreed upon by both parties.

Lancaster Area Homeschoolers is an all inclusive group for homeschoolers in Lancaster County and surrounding areas.

Laurens County SC Homeschoolers is a place for homeschooling families in Laurens County to connect with other homeschooling families for the purpose of group field trips and events within the Laurens County area and play dates (weekly park days).

LIT Homeschoolers (Lexington Interacting Teens), Columbia/Midlands
Social activities for Teens to develop conversational skills and interpersonal interactions. No cellphone use during meet-ups.

Melanated Families Homeschooling SC is a support group for families that are actively homeschooling or interested in homeschooling in South Carolina.

Midlands South Carolina Unschoolers is a place for unschoolers and relaxed homeschoolers in the Midlands of South Carolina to connect with other like minded people.

Mount Pleasant, SC Homeschoolers is for homeschoolers or prospective homeschoolers in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina to discuss homeschooling.

Myrtle Beach Homeschool Group is a support group, a place to find out about local homeschooling activities, to connect with other homeschooling families in the area, to discuss and ask questions about homeschool curriculum and programs, and to talk about the daily struggles and achievements of our homeschooled kids. We are an inclusive group, and encourage tolerance of all walks of faith and life.

Newberry County Homeschoolers is an inclusive place where homeschoolers in Newberry and the surrounding areas can share information about local opportunities such as classes and park days.

North Myrtle Beach Area Homeschoolers is an online gathering place for families homeschooling in the North Strand Area. The intention of this group is to help families connect to each other, share events or opportunities that can benefit homeschooling families, share info or answer questions about homeschooling in our area or state, and to help families seek new friendships or plan play dates.

Outdoor Homeschoolers of the Lowcountry (Charleston Area) is a Forest School inspired, we are an all-age Homeschool Club that does lightly-structured, child-led, outdoor learning; giving children the freedom to choose their own actions; to play, explore, participate, move, ask questions, think aloud – as only then can they get wiser, practice & master the knowledge & skills they will need as adults.

Pee Dee Homeschoolers (Florence) is for local homeschoolers in the Pee Dee Region only as we are looking to build a community on and off Facebook. A place to meet others, discuss curriculums, challenges and set up outings for the ever elusive “socialization” we homeschoolers keep hearing about.

Rock Hill/Fort Mill Area Homeschool Group is a place where area homeschool moms can connect. Whether to plan events, share ideas, ask questions, facilitate group outings, exchange curriculum, etc.

Secular Homeschoolers of the Lowcountry is a group for parents of secular homeschoolers in the SC Lowcountry.

South Carolina Catholic Homeschoolers  is a message board for sharing any info of interest to Catholic homeschoolers in SC. You don’t have to be a homeschooler to join.

South Carolina Homeschool Connect is an inclusive support group for all South Carolina homeschoolers. It’s a place to connect to the information and resources for homeschooling in South Carolina.

South Carolina Homeschooling Families  is a message board for homeschoolers in South Carolina to discuss homeschool resources, events, support, etc. Other posts will be deleted. NO POLITICAL POSTS – please!

Spartanburg Christian Homeschoolers ** This group has moved to Band App (SCH) is a FREE faith-based group for families who currently homeschool in Spartanburg County, South Carolina (and the surrounding areas). The primary purpose of this group is to create a supportive and encouraging community. This is accomplished via events, field trips, holiday parties, and enrichment activities. Each event provides a forum for our children to grow (in knowledge or character or both) and the opportunity to make long-lasting friendships. The group is free as are many of our outings, but our membership guidelines require two things – a level of participation and agreement to abide by a set of faith-based guidelines.

Spartanburg Homeschoolers primary focus is to provide social opportunities. Open to any homeschooling family regardless of ethnicity, faith, lifestyle or home-educating style.

Summerville Homeschoolers a  group is for homeschoolers in the Summerville, SC area.

 Western Upstate SC Homeschoolers is a meet up group for homeschooling families in the Anderson, Oconee, and Pickens County areas. Feel free to share local educational events, plan playdates, and invite your friends to join the group!

Wild & Free Lexington isn’t your typical “play date” group. The goal is for members to be regular attenders so that children can develop meaningful friendships and be “Wild + Free” together. It’s also a place for moms to get to know each other and encourage each other in our homeschool journeys while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Upstate Homeschool Bulletin Board  is a non-profit, inclusive activities & social group for homeschooling families in the Oconee, Pickens, Anderson, & Greenville areas of South Carolina.

Upstate SC Homeschool Connect is not to replace any current groups you’re in, but more to help build relationships, share and gather information within our Upstate homeschoolers. Got questions about anything–ask here!

Upstate Homeschool Information Hub is a message board, open to any homeschool parent, co-op, support group, or association in Upstate South Carolina, as well as homeschool family owned businesses.

Upstate Special Needs Homeschoolers of South Carolina is partnered with United Christian Homeschoolers Unlimited and is a group supporting families that are homeschooling a child(ren) with different learning styles, disabilities, unique characteristics, or special circumstances. Monthly parent workshops. 


Yahoo Online Support Groups

NOTE: Some of these groups may require additional membership agreements or dues. Each of these groups appear to still be active. Let us know if you don’t get a response from any of them.

Aiken Area Home Educators is an organization of Christian families who share a commitment to the Biblically based Home Education of our children.To become a member of AAHE, please send your name and address to [email protected] to receive an application by mail

A Heart 4 Homeschooling is for homeschoolers in North Carolina including Cleveland and Gaston counties, as well as the surrounding areas and portions of South Carolina. A potential new member has to be verified they are a homeschooling family by referral from another member or can be verified by contacting the group administrator Cheryl Vagnozzi at 704 739-4070.

Core Homeschool Network of Greenville We are a group of parents working together to share information and opportunities for our homeschool families.

Fellowship of Christian Homeschoolers (Greenville) Fellowship of Christian Homeschoolers (FCH) is a home school support group based in the Greenville County, SC area. We seek to support, empower and connect Christian home schoolers through meetings, parent-led activities, online Yahoo website and lots of opportunities for Christian fellowship. This group meets in the Upstate area.

Our Lady of the Hills Catholic Homeschoolers is the e-mail listserv for the homeschooling support group at Our Lady of the Hills Catholic Church in Columbia, SC. All members of the parish are welcome to participate, regardless of whether their children (grandchildren, etc.) are currently homeschooling.

SC Coastal Home Educator’s Network is an inclusive and tolerant place for homeschoolers of the Coastal region of South Carolina to meet, discuss issues, share ideas and information, and get to know other homeschoolers in the area.

SC Home Educator’s Network  is an inclusive and tolerant place for homeschoolers of the Midland region of South Carolina to meet, discuss issues, share ideas and information, and get to know other homeschoolers in the area.

SC Midlands Home Educator’s Network  is an inclusive and tolerant place for homeschoolers of the Midland region of South Carolina to meet, discuss issues, share ideas and information, and get to know other homeschoolers in the area.

SC Upstate Home Educator’s Network is an inclusive and tolerant place for homeschoolers of the Upstate region of South Carolina to meet, discuss issues, share ideas and information, and get to know other homeschoolers in the area.

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