Mask & Vax Policies of Homeschool Associations

What are the mask and vax policies of Homeschool Associations in SC? I’ve asked the accountability directors to clarify their policies and practices–and verify which ones are still accepting new members for 2021-2022 school year.

If you’re considering homeschooling because of the shifting policies at your local schools, you’ll need to register with an accountability association. This establishes the parent or legal guardian as the official responsible for the child’s education.

We have more than 35 associations that are registered with the State of SC for you to choose from. These are privately run organizations who support the parents educational choices and privacy. Whether you’re here for a little while or ready to stick with it–we have lots of associations with the expertise and experience to help you get started.

Mask & Vax Policies

I asked the directors if they’re still accepting registrations for 2021-2022 and to clarify their mask & vax policies. Here’s what the association directors want you to know about mid-year registrations:

    • Hometown Homeschool Association: “We are accepting new members. Members views on the masks and vaccines have nothing to do with us keeping their homeschooling legal.”
      Michelle Palczewski, director
    • Mountains 2 Sea Homeschool Association: “We are accepting new members and we don’t discuss members views on mask or vaccines. That’s their choice.”
      Rebecca Shealy-Stone, director
    • Homeward Education Association: “I am still accepting new members. I accept members all year long, with the exception of seniors, and I only accept seniors until January 1. Also, I have absolutely no preference either way on anybody’s views regarding vaccinations, masks, etc. We don’t wear masks in my office and I leave it up to the people who come in the door as to whether or not they want to do that. And I don’t ask anyone about their vaccination status, as it’s none of my business.”
      April Ray, director
    • Greenwood Christian School Home Educators Association: “We accept year round through 10th grade. I’m not sure why it would matter their mask/vax stances to receive our services.”
      Christina Vickers, directorPeople should be free to find or make for themselves the kinds of education experiences they want their children to have. ~John Holt

    • HEART Homeschool Association: “We have members with preferences on both sides and accept new homeschoolers transferring from public school during the year.”
      Carol Brownwell, director
    • SC TOP Association: “We’re open to all homeschoolers, regardless of religious preference, political affiliation, ethnic background, family structure or educational philosophy.”
      Kim Andrysczyk, director
    • Encompass Homeschool: “We are taking new members and while I have my own views on vaccines/masks, it doesn’t come up whatsoever with the association.”
      Christie Cochran, director
    • Palmetto Homeschool Association: “We are still accepting new members. We do not ask for vaccination records and do not ask vaccination status on any vaccines. I will wear a mask if someone wants me to, but I do not require masks. For graduation, we will follow the requirements of the venue.”
      Denise French, director
    • Foothills Accountability Association: “We accept new homeschoolers until January 30th, and transferring veteran homeschoolers year-round. We do face to face records checkoff. If someone wants to wear a mask, that’s their prerogative. We believe in the freedom as Americans to wear or not wear–up to you. Our volunteers don’t wear them. Hand sanitizer is placed at the entrance for those who wish to use it.”
      Kimberly Williams, director
    • Royal Scholars Academy: “Our accountabiliy is open year round now and doesn’t have any requirements regarding masks or vaccines. Optional field trips and in-person co-op may have a requirement depending on the place we are meeting to follow their guidelines.”
      Felicia Wright-McCoy, Co-director

  • Parent’s Association for Christian Education in SC (PACESC): “We accept new homeschoolers all year, k-12. We have plenty of room for new members. Our paperwork and payments are all online.”
    Phyllis Lowder, director
  • GLOW Accountability: “We are open to new members all year. Masks & vaccines are not an issue that affects accountability.”
    Stacy Brown, director
  • Half Moon Association: “We are taking new members. We do not ask questions regarding masks but we are not planning in person activities.”
    Katie Frampton, director
  • Ninja 3rd Option: “We are open for enrollment for the 2021/2022 school year! We require that you email us your attendance records twice a year and that you keep up with your own records for your students.”
    Jennifer Ackerman, director
  • Palmetto Independent Educators: PIE provides a legal means to home school your children at a minimal cost to you – the parent. Accepts registrations year round.
    Denise Merchant, director

  • At Home in the Lowcountry: “We accept members year round and we’re only concerned that they are legally homeschooling.”
    Hazel Douthit, director
  • Association 4 Home Education (A4HE): “We accept members year around. I want to help, encourage, and provide resources to help you on your homeschool journey.”
    Wendy Powell, director
  • SC Association of Independent Home Schools (SCAIHS): “Since we don’t meet in person, we don’t have any policies regarding masks and vaccines. While our academic year runs from June 1 through May 31, we do continue to consider applications at any point in the year.  Our full annual fee applies and is not prorated for late enrollment.  As the academic year progresses, we have a supplemental preapplication to communicate our membership expectations to new members.”
    Katina Prescott, Adminstrative Director

If you’re tired of fighting with the school officials and the system about their policies, I invite you to consider one of these accountability associations. The directors are your ally for what’s in the best interest of children. Every one of them has a heart for homeschooling and cares about their members.

Whether you’re here for a little while or ready to stick with it–we have lots of associations with the expertise and experience to help you get started.  If you have high schoolers, you might also want an association that offers transcript assistance and can advise about the course of study.

Are you ready to get started homeschooling?
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